From Taverne Gutenberg, to Les Halles du Faubourg, now Maison Gutenberg

21 January 2021

Photo © Yohann Valentin

Taverne Gutenberg was a creative hub created by Maïa d’Aboville (interactive designer) & Henri Lamy (painter) in September 2015. What used to be an abandoned three storey-high apartment building had been transformed into a space of creative exchanges and encounters. Located in the city-center of Lyon, the team quickly grew up to count more than 100 000 visitors, and over 500 participating artists, and a team of passionate volunteers.

The project then held a number of major events such as notorious music festival Nuits sonores, Holding cultural ventures with Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Gadagne Museum, and other international reach out projects such as Ugnayan sa Poblacion and Linya in the Philippines.

In 2017, Les Halles du Faubourg, in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon, located in a former Lise Charmel warehouse spanning 1600 square meters indoor and a 1000 square meter garden, become the hub of a new urban project.

The Intermède team plays a dual role here: providing technical project management assistance, handling all regulatory aspects (asbestos, water, electricity diagnostics, etc.) to enable public reception. During the summer of 2018, the collective took advantage of this space to experiment with temporary occupancy for economic activities, dedicated to small actors, artisans, and creators.

An independent radio station, Les Ateliers La Mouche (an association advocating for the preservation of unused industrial heritage and its revitalization), architects, and urban planners contributed to a wealth of ideas about the future world, emphasizing inclusivity and collaboration, by pooling various skills in a temporary occupation territory.

Following this, his active members, Romain Weber, Maïa d’Aboville, Mathilde Corbert, Raphaëlle Moncorger, Lisa Maitrejean, and Maylis Mazoyer formed Maison Gutenberg, the artistic agency. Subsequently, Maison Gutenberg responds to public or private project calls, such as with the Community of Communes de l’Arbresle, Le Chalet du Parc de la Tête d’Or, and the Good Planet Foundation, as well as conducting free workshops in parks for children in Marseille.

Photos © Lionel Rault. Left : Cyprian Nocon, center : Henri Lamy