Capoera-painting is a natural extension of Henri's initital body of work on canvas. The free-flowing paint and live performances give a whole new dimension to his art.

In 2014, Henri Lamy thought of combining his two passions: capoeira and painting to create a new form of expression, through movement and visual arts. Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines dance, rhythm and movement. It is a dialog between two players; a conversation through movement. Together with his wife Maïa d’Aboville, they have performed shows worldwide.

Capoeira-painting is also a form of expression that Henri wishes to teach to children. Since 2016, he has conducted several workshops for Foundations such as Museo Pambata and Stairway Foundation. These workshops are follwoed by exhibitions, where 50% of the proceeds go directly to the Foundations.

In 2017, Henri explores new horizons with contemporary dance and the creation of the multidisciplinary show "Linya", in collaboration with the great Filipino choreographer Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish (based in New York).